What We Offer

Agile Development, Use Case Discovery & Solution Design, Cloud-Native Product Engineering, Web & Mobile Development, AI & Data Engineering, Blockchain Smart Contracts, DevSecOps.
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Our business is simply starting new things!

We strive for building brand-new products and services with our extraordinary passion and dedication. Helping companies on digital transformation journey by turning business ideas into deliverables.

Our passion is

Strategy & Innovation
Agile mindset for leadership. Engaging people and improving Business-IT alignment.
Automated Trust
Enterprise & Open Blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Tokenization
Smart Business
Data & AI Engineering, Process Discovery, Designing, Automation


We take your business to the next level
Barışcan Güngör
Barışcan Güngör

Strategy & Leadership

Yiğit Güngör
Yiğit Güngör

Business Development

Ülker Korkmazel
Ülker Korkmazel

Product & Analysis

Bilal Demirtaş
Bilal Demirtaş

Mobile Development

Hakan Çakmak
Hakan Çakmak

Software Development

Serhat Kısa
Serhat Kısa

IT Governance

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E-mail: contact@originium.com Phone: +90 212 403 9611